Thursday, 17 March 2011

Smile For Japan

As previously mentioned, I have a fair few Japanese friends in Beijing; most of them quite shaken up by the effects of the Sendai Earthquake, ensuing tsunami, and several aftershocks.
Two days ago my Japanese friend suggested a project to help out the Japanese people in the small way that he can: by canvassing the messages of support from Chinese and foreigners here in Beijing. Together we developed a plan to take a white board, ask people to write messages of support on it, and then take their pictures.

The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days so we started the project without hesitation; and the pair of us have taken pictures of messages of support in several areas in Beijing: Tiananmen Square, The Olympic complex, and several universities in the Wudaokou area.

It has been an experience far more interesting than I imagined. Many Chinese people harbour a deep respect and concern for Japan: most Chinese people asked if my friend's family was OK, taxi drivers gave free lifts when they heard about our project plans, and I never realised so many Chinese people could speak at least a little bit of Japanese.

Non-Asians were equally good in helping us fulfill our undertakings; and there were some very nice messages of support for Japan. Seeing is believing, and the uploaded YouTube video is well worth the time spent watching....

For anyone with an interest in my Japanese friend's blog it is well worth a look

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