Sunday, 13 February 2011

Snow in Beijing

I am quite a big cycling fan. Passionate cycling fan. And this morning I was planning on going out on the ride with the people from the expat club ( here in Beijing. Laid out my cycling kit the night previous; and set my alarm to 7:30. I was torn between the physical desire to fall straight back to sleep, and my mental desire to get fulfillment out of the day. Bleary-eyed I got out of bed and began to get ready, when I figured I might as well look out the window. Roads and buildings completely covered in freshly-fallen snow. I wasn't going anywhere, even if I had wanted to. Deus ex machina and I climbed back in to bed. But not before I had taken this picture from my window. One advantage of getting up early at least. A snow scene with no footprints: unadulterated white goodness. I spent last semester living with a Chinese family; and my Chinese father said that snow on Beijing gave a real glossiness to the city; and changed the atmosphere entirely. I can't help but agree; and the usually grey buildings of my campus have been transformed into something of a iced idyll. Too bad it's too cold outside to actually enjoy it close up...

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